Health Insurance

Are you searching for a solution that offers a realistic cost with reasonable benefits for health insurance? We offer many different choices of health insurance nationally through our private insurance exchange available toll free at 888-389-4598  We have all of the available choices of qualified health insurance plans, Platinum, Gold, Silver Bronze and Catastrophic.

Our private 401K Man's benefit lines is staffed with licensed insurance agents operating one of the largest private insurance marketplaces in the United States.The agents will provide and assist you with multiple quotes or help to see if you may qualify for a subsidy and complete the application if needed. 

All the available online health insurance plan quotes are also available through filling out a short form after clicking the health insurance button to the right. The health insurance plans offered are the identical carriers, plans and price points as found on the public exchanges found in your area, for a live agent quote call 888-389-4598. 

Dental Plans

Perfect Choice Benefits has teamed up with the largest dental plan exchange in the United States. We offer a separate website quoting page with the largest dental plan exchange in the United States simply enter your zip code after clicking to the right.

Together we offer the largest selection of plans from a wide variety of over thirty different dental benefits providers available through out the United States. We also have a list of participating dentists and the plans they accept on the site where you simply enter your zip code to find your available plan and dentist near you.

Dental benefit plans are discount plans which are different than insurance plans. They offer many of the same features at a lower cost than what dental insurance costs. It will often times provide the same benefits and services at a discount similar to using insurance. To learn more click to the right to be forwarded to our dental plan website page where you can enter your zip code to learn more about plans available to you on the exchange. Or simplyclick here to be forwarded to our National Dental Plan quoting page. 

Hearing Plans

Ten percent of Americans currently are suffering from hearing loss, expected the numbers are expected to continue to rise. There are serious repercussions if not addressed and monitored.

We have teamed up with the largest hearing analysis network in the United States. There are over 3,500 locations available nationwide to help you with your hearing needs. We also offer the widest selection of choices with numerous manufacturers and over 1800 hearing aids to choose from. There is also a low price guarantee and one of the strongest warranties available in the industry across all of our brands.

To take part in the HearPo/Perfect Choice  network call our toll free866-349-9060 or click on the right to be forwarded to our website page with instructions on how to take advantage of our free evaluation and fitting services available near you. We offer discounts and additional savings through the Perfect Choice Benefits Club membership plans which could save you substantially. 

Healthiest You 

This service allows you access to speak to a doctor anytime 24 hours and 7 days a week. Simply send an E-mail or call the number, a licensed physician will then call you back in a short time and be able to help you with a diagnosis and possibly provide a prescription when you need it most, shortly after you sent in the request.

It is only really and truly appreciated after your first use of the service. When you speak to a doctor and avoid the waiting, costly unneeded clinic or emergency room visit you will then feel how useful it is. It avoids the tremendous amount time waiting to see a doctor in his office. Estimates are as high as 80% of emergency room visits are unnecessary and can be avoided since they can be diagnosed over the phone, via email or through a video conference with a physician. For further information Click here to be forwarded to our information and enrollment page ofHealthiest You

Perfect Choice Benefits Bundling Club

Our Benefits Club is a unique service where our members can save daily or annually thousands of dollars through vouchers, discounts and specials available from our group of approved benefits providers. We also offer Identity alerts from one of the highest rated providers and daily shopping discounts from well known national brands and coupons daily.

When you purchase a health insurance policy as a Perfect Choice Benefits Club member, you will shop through our private exchange The 401K Man Benefits line at 888-389-4598with access to all the major plans then can receive additional discounts and vouchers.

As a Perfect Choice Benefits Club member you will find the same insurance provider and plan, but when you purchase that health insurance policy through our provider on our private exchange you will be credited with a purchase of a health insurance plan and receive a voucher good towards a discount on a different voluntary benefit plan. That voucher could be good towards any number of benefits. Saving you on a dental plan, tele-medicine plan, identity protection or a substantial discount on a hearing or vision product and so much more.

Welcome to Perfect Choice Benefits,

Are you looking for a great way to save more nowadays? Would you like to have a month or more of your bills paid? What about help with lowering your health insurance costs or finding an alternative to health insurance if you cannot afford it?

If you have been searching for any of this you now have found the right place, we can help you through our wide suite of insurance, benefits plans and shopping services that we offer individually or through our Perfect Choice Benefits Club. 

We offer dental, hearing, vision, identity protection, health savings accounts, health insurance and everyday shopping coupons and discounts through our club services.

Other features of using our Perfect Choice Benefits service are the wide selection of voluntary benefits plans which are not insurance plans but offer many ways to save substantially from the high cost of insurance.  

The Perfect Choice Benefits Club can save you thousands annually on health insurance, voluntary benefits plans, travel and shopping expenses depending on your budget and combined use of our unique proprietary club service.

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Identity Protection

Identity Theft is the number one crime in America and continues growing with occurrences every few seconds nowadays.One of the wisest things to do is to protect yourself from the many ways you can have your identity theft stolen nowadays. Our service is one of the highest rated identity protection choices you can make in the identity protection field.

It will provide you monitoring from all three of the major credit bureaus, instant alerts when inquiries are made, has been in existence over 35 years, comes with fully managed restoration services to help you recover if needed, Monitors internet black market stolen identity websites for your identity and is one of the largest providers for the federal government. Click on our link to learn more about our partnership with Identity Force one of the highest regarded and best known identity protection services in the industry.

Baby Boomer & Seniors 

Perfect Choice Benefits has many of the most requested insurance plans and voluntary benefits solutions here on this site as well as another senior specialized website. The benefits plans available here on Perfect Choice Benefits include dental, vision and hearing discount plans. Simply click on the voluntary benefits button to the right to access the selection.

Our customers seeking medicare, final expense, cancer insurance or supplements have many options available to them through pages of information available to them through our sister site at which is geared towards estate and financial solutions. EPIC is short for Estate Planners & Insurance Consultants.

Iif you are simply seeking help with a Medicare question or supplement click on the voluntary benefits button then the Medicare button on that page. Simply fill out the short form after clicking on the Medicare button for immediate access to multiple quotes and plans.  

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